Breastfeeding one or two?

Since I’m pregnant, one of my greatest goals (of the little bean sticks) is to breastfeed both of my kids.

Hope is still breastfeeding, more than she’s eating normal food, I’m trying to slowly wean her so she can get more normal food and less breast milk, but she’s still at the point where she’s tasting everything, which is fine.. I’m not gonna push her into eating solids only, and as a breastbaby she finds comfort on the breast – obviously.

With My son I was unable to breastfeed ( or in reality, I had enough milk, but the pain scared me, so I stopped which was a tad silly..) but I was young and I didn’t understand the importance of breastfeeding, and that’s for sure something that I regret.

With Hope I’ve always had the goal to breastfeed till at least a year, if she wanted.. And I think that that’s gonna happen. And now with the little bean on the way, of course I’m starting to think about tandem feeding, both of them if Hope doesn’t wean. Now that it is likely that I can’t have i vaginal birth, i at least have a wish to breastfeed the next baby too, and that’s a very realistic wish as well.

With Hope I realized that breastfeeding takes work, hard work sometimes, and that you can’t just give up.. I’ve had expecting mothers out there ask me whenever they saw me feeding Hope if it hurts and that they’re scared, and yes it does hurt, but what you’re getting out of it in the end is an incredible bond with your child and feeling within yourself. ❤️

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