Pregnancy update + tummy picture.

Almost 10 weeks! Isn’t that crazy? It feels like yesterday that I took the first positive test.

According to the last U/S everything looks great, baby is growing and measuring according to due date. As far as cravings go.. uh boy. I’ve gained around 3-4 lbs already, and it scares me a bit, cause with Hope I lost weight, but with Kyle I gained and gained and gained.

Also I have to large ovarian cysts.

As far as symptoms go, I’m quite lucky.. no symptoms really aside from a bit of nausea and a little constipation and tiredness.. I’m super!!!! Tired, so I spend a lot of the time at home, when we don’t have errands.

As far as cravings and eating goes, I am constantly hungry!! Like really seriously badly hungry all the time! I have a craving for eggs, avocado, sour cream, and potatoes, and curry.. mmh I love curry!

I’m starting to think a lot about the birth now, it’s been going so fast already, so I know that the rest of the time is gonna fly by. I really want a V2BAC, and I’m currently seeing two doctors.. One doesn’t support V2BAC, the other one does. It’s a big dream to be able to birth vaginally this time, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to run the risks with it. We’ll see.

If my milk supply stays the same during the pregnancy, I plan to tandem nurse, as I wanna breastfeed both of my kids. Hope stills breastfeeds a lot and I have no plans to wean her before she is ready.. if that’s when she’s 2 years old that’s fine by me.

And then I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a little tummy now.. I know that it is gas, but it’s still super fun to see, and I’m excited to see when my belly goes from gas tummy to baby tummy. ❤️

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