Why do I continue appearing on young mothers?

People have often asked me, why I want to participate on the show? Why do I want to make my self and my family look that bad?

Well first thing first, I started when my son was 10 months old, it was a whole new world and experience for me, I had never tried something like that before.. The people that I met which was the planners and the camera people were awesome, and you quickly build up a trust and relationship with them – mostly because they’re so close to you and your family!

I’ve had the crew over here in the US a few times now, and I love it. For me it’s fun, it’s experiencing something new, and I get to see the people that’s been following me, for almost 4 years.. these people also saw my daughter when I was 8 weeks along, saw her when she was three months, has seen us at our worse, and now at our greatest. It’s very intense inviting people into your life, but like I said I know them, and it feels completely natural.

Of course, I would love to be free of haters, because that is probably the darkest backside of the medal that you can’t prepare for, but when that’s said, it’s something that you get used to.. They’re just there. I usually try to refrain from reading on the media, but if I do I have no problem dropping a comment or two.

For many “haters” I think that jealousy is a big drive factor. I guess seeing young women with children can be rather infuriating? Anyways, I’ll keep appearing as long as they’ll allow me, or until my family says stop. One thing I’ve always said is that I have a deep respect for the producers for not making me look “bad”. If I say something or do something that’s stupid, that’s completely on my own, and not anything I can blame on them! 🙂

Now I’ll give my sweet daughter a kiss on the forehead and nurse her, she’s a tad ill right now coming down with a fever, so she is glued to momma. ❤️

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