New baby, job, and begging?

I’ve seen this one so many times.. Why are you having yet another baby when neither of you have a job. Why are you having another baby, when you have to beg for clothes and furniture?

Babies, never come when you plan them, they usually come at the most unexpected times, Kyle did, Hope did, and this little bean did. I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and another one in my tummy.

My husband has a job, he is legally employed as a courier.. He is just an independent contractor which basically means that he decides his own schedule. It’s not any less of a job for that reason. On the side he is interviewing for different jobs, but with his background it’s hard.. And that’s where I come in. I have a lot of resources on my hand, and I’m most definitely it afraid to use them.. For me that’s asking around on his behalf (of course with his consent too) it’s not strange for him, he is very happy. I’ve gotten him to several interviews and he has yet another one tomorrow.

When I’m searching for furniture and clothes I do it to save money, because with a house, car and dogs comes bills and I’m therefore saving where i can.. Many people just throw out their used stuff over here, and to save our environment, it’s much better to recycle, and that’s not something I’m any bit embarrassing about – I’m actually proud, because two years ago, I wouldn’t have touched used things, so it’s a big step for me and I’ve found out that you can get a lot of great stuff – FOR FREE!! If that makes me a bad person, well so be it.

Believe or not, I’ve changed a lot.. I’ve gotten older and more secure, in my actions and choices. I have two beautiful children, one far away and one right next to me sleeping – they’re my purpose ❤️

7 thoughts on “New baby, job, and begging?

  1. Det er super fint du kan spare på indkøb af tøj, møbler osv. Man køber jo så meget man ikke har brug for og det er jo nærmest kommet helt op i tiden herhjemme igen at genbruge meget mere. Jeg finder da selv gode genbrugsfund ind imellem. Der er andre ting der gør mere lykkelig end overflod af materielle goder 🙂


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