My husbands job..

Some people has been asking why I haven’t updated about my husband, what he is gonna do when the school ends etc.

First of all he is still going through his externship, it’s an 80 hour externship. When he is done with that he is gonna move on to a training program that’s gonna last for approximately two year – paid. Aside from that, he is delivering with caviar and DoorDash, which is good as a supplement to his income, and he decides his own schedule. The good thing is that if he should lose his job, then he would be able to do delivering as a full time job BUT our car right now is not the greatest, needs a new solenoid pack and that’s eventually gonna wear on the transmission, so we can’t really drive around all day in the car.

I’m still myself doing small “gigs” where I can bring my daughter, my husband is very adamant on me staying home and him working, but I need to find something to fill up my free time.

What I really wanna do though, is yoga.. I so very badly wanna get back into shape, and strengthen my body and mind.

So yeah, things are going well.. we’re still adjusting in our new home, but we truly enjoy it. It’s awesome to be on our own!

8 thoughts on “My husbands job..

  1. Hvorfor får du ik Hope i daycare, så du kan tjene dine egne penge….? Nåh nej, så ska hun jo fra din Pat, og du er paranoid og må flygte fra myndighederne. Lissom i DK. Godt kyle blev fjernet fra dig.! Og forhåbentlig er Hope også snart væk fra jer…. med en junkie mand, som har for vane at tæske små børn – TÆSKE BABYER….. kæft du er en vammel og klam mor.


  2. Arbejdede Jeremy ikke som udbringer for Postmates?
    Og må vi ikke høre mere om dine småjobs – det er da et godt fremskridt 🙂


  3. Hi, greetings from finland. I wanna say to you hope and jeremy that you are as worthy as everyone, I hope you will stay out of the street and trouble. I hope all the best for your children. I am a christian and the best advice I can give you is seek God, find a church there and let people pray for you all and help you. God wants to help and end this thing that go from mother to daughter. Find an evangelical or baptise, anglican etc church. Tonight I will pray for you!!!


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