My biggest inspiration

So I figured that this is a fitting subject on my blog.

Have you ever wondered who my biggest inspiration was during my childhood? Then keep reading!

Although we’ve had our ups and downs, I still love this one dearly.. we might not see each other or talk very often, but I can assure you that I’m thinking about her every single day.

When I grew up I envied her.. her body, her clothes, her face, her beauty. I wanted to wear the same perfume, the same clothes, I wanted to talk like she did and carry my self as she did. I wanted to have her teeth, I wanted to have her beautiful hair, I wished I had the same sense of style as she did. I admired her.

To this day I still admire her.. she’s been through a lot and yet she’s still standing, just like me,. she’s handling her illnesses like a champ, and she’s a good mother!

She’s my sister and I love her. ❤️

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