Harassment at its finest

So, overnight I’ve gotten a lot of messages from my followers informing me that the blog SM has found my address and that I need to be careful cause she’s once again threatening with ICE…The reason why I am writing SHE is because females are very psychological and calculating where men are pretty much straight forward, and her behavior is hinting me in the direction of a woman.

It has become clear to me that we’re talking about harassment and stalking.. I have absolutely no clue as to how these people have found my address and I have no clue as to why they wish such harm upon me and my family. I think it’s a question of power.. They feel empowered if they can create fear, and if they can hurt someone.

Finally I’ve (we’ve) gotten our lives on track, and we’re once again moving in the right direction, the blog brings up the fact that we’ve searched for furniture online (yeah big deal!) and that we’re living in a section8 property (that is not true since sec8 takes up to 10 years to get on, but okay if you think so go ahead)..

In my eyes it is sick behavior digging after my address possibly asking people to ask for my address to pick up a mattress and after that posting it online.. It makes me wonder if our civils in Denmark are the real court, and why we actually need a court. This is more like the witch hunts that was going on back in the days, and it absolutely disgusts me.

These people have no disregards for my daughter, or my husband and I honestly think that they’re getting off at this sick and twisted game of theirs.

To the people that’s posting mine my husband AND my 6 months old daughter online, think about this… NOT only are you putting me at risk, but also my daughter.. I don’t know what your problem is, maybe that my daughter is actually a happy little girl and not mistreated, not unhappy and not malnourished.. Whether it is, you’re hurting my daughter by hurting me. You’re not a savior, you’re sick in your heads!

One thought on “Harassment at its finest

  1. Hej Nadia, jeg synes det er sygt at folk stalker dig og din familie og kun vil jer ondt. Syg verden vi lever i.
    Jeg følger dig på Instagram, men har aldrig kommenterede på noget. Jeg synes at det er flot at i prøver at komme vidre i jeres liv.
    Men forstår ikke at du bor i USA, mens dit andet barn er i DK.
    Der synes jeg du har taget nogle forkerte beslutninger ang. Kyle.
    Men selvom vi ikke har samme meninger holdninger, ville jeg aldrig hænge dig ud, stalke dig, svinde dig til osv osv.
    Man skal huske at give folk en chance. Og hvad man kan følge med i på insta – ser det jo ud som om i virkelig prøver. Og at i kun vil jeres datter det bedst. Hatten af for det Nadia. Ønsker jer alt held og lykke i fremtiden. Og håber da snart på at folk vil blive lidt mere voksne og lade jer være. – de må jo selv have et kedelig liv- sådan som de blander sig i dit
    Mvh Sabrina


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