The little house in Los Angeles

So, we moved into our gorgeous little house a few weeks ago and it is amazing!

It’s a two bedroom house, which is one bedroom, one master bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.. On top of that we have a yard, and our own parking spot.

Our street is nice and quite at we have some so very sweet neighbors.

We have a food plan where we take turns making dinner, and we have a cleaning plan so we take turns cleaning and have a cleaning day every Sunday where everyone cleans.

Overall I think we did a pretty good job furnishing it, although we still need smaller things like dressers, tv or entertainment system etc. I’ve fallen in love with this little place.

Also My sweet husband has gotten a job, and is starting Monday morning at 7am, and I’m taking cleaning jobs here and there,. it’s still a little difficult since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, but it works out.

Here a little tour of our house.. I’m sorry that the pictures are not the best, but I did it in the panorama setting, and it got a little messed up.

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