Leave me alone…

So.. I made a different profile, same pictures just different name.. Why? To be left alone.

I had a feeling that the dogs would sniff the shit, and they did almost immediately.. See even though I am a public person, I still have a need to have privacy, and have a private space where I 1. Can lay low.. And 2. Can have my friends and family without people who stalks me, start stalking and writing them.. A few of my family members are very sick, and they don’t need strangers writing them, but it seems like an almost impossible task.. I am still very firm on my decision to delete my instagram, it has gone way overboard and takes away way to much of my time that I can spend with my family.. The need to be on Facebook is simply for my friends and family and a few mommy groups.. I love conversations, and I love to be able to seek out advice from my fellow mamas, but I also love and value privacy and my own room and space.

It angers me that some people doesn’t have that boundary and doesn’t understand, that they can’t just do whatever the fuck they want.. So now I closed down my profile completely (not deleting it) but limiting posts to friends, groups to myself and friend requests.

A few of the dogs that has sniffed out my profile apparently have some major life issues themselves and has the need to write and harass me at any chance they get, and it’s kinda sad, that people that wish my daughter away from me, has lost their own kids.. Talking about wishing the same pain upon others that they’ve experienced themselves much?

Respect other people and get the same respect back.. karma is a bitch and it’s gonna come sooner than later, take it from a pro that’s experienced karma first hand.

Peace out.

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