How many siblings does baby Hope have?

Well, there’s a lot of rumors going around, and some people even have the nerve to ask about Jermey’s second daughter.

Jeremy have three other children that he unfortunately doesn’t see.

With the two first, he did a very stupid thing, and he went to jail. Don’t get me wrong Jeremy did something terribly wrong, but fact is that it is 10 years ago and he paid for him, by 1. Going to jail and 2. Not seeing his kids.

The third one is 19 months if I remember correctly, and is removed from mother.. and she is now according to the latest update on her up for adoption.. When DCFS contacted Jeremy in the first place, there was no way that we could take her, although we wanted to, we were in a tent and did not under any circumstances have the money or environment for her.

Baby has been with her foster family now for so long that it is ideal that they adopt her, since she know them and to minimize her moving once again, and the reality is that Jeremy did not know her in any way.

And then she has Kyle, whom she is talking to every Monday.

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