Let’s talk about that body

I often hear that hair is nasty, period is nasty, fat is nasty, pimples are nasty etc.

Well girl it’s not. I am very proud of saying that I don’t give two flying flicks about my bodily hair, nor my period nor my belly or excess skin or fat.

I’ve carried two beautiful babies, I’ve been cut up and had two babies pulled out of my now loose tummy.. Im exclusively breastfeeding, and my hormones are still racing and not to mention adjusting.

I don’t always shave, actually I almost never shave.. I have hair on my kitty cat, legs and armpits – and that’s totally fine.. We are born with the ability to grow hair for a reason, we have hair on our heads, so why not on other body parts? You’re gorgeous just as you’re.

Period… Oh the sweet Aunt Flo.. Why is it such a shame to have periods? I mean, it’s normal, it’s helping us reproduce, it’s one of the things that makes us women.. I often hear about women that’s ashamed of going to the store buying tampons or pads, women that’s talking about their men doesn’t want to have sex with them, because they don’t want to get blood on them, and in my opinion that’s so wrong as wrong can be.. It’s blood, it’s not gonna kill you.

Farting… Yes mam, we fart! Sometimes more than men.. When I was pregnant I could literally fart 50 times a minute, not kidding! It was bad, and at first extremely embarrassing, but then I realized that it is completely natural and human, and that my husband didn’t care one bit.. He might joke a bit, but he still found me just as sweet, beautiful and sexy as he always did and do.. He was rather happy that I was so comfortable with him that I did it with him near me.

Pimples.. When I got pregnant my skin flipped out.. My skin was bad.

In the second trimester (and third) it got better, but after the birth.. whouh girl, my skin exploded.. It was bad bad bad.. It’s actually only now it’s gotten better after my second period after birth, but boy I’ve gotten so many rude comments about my skin.. And why? It is normal, might not look nice, but who cares? My skin is my skin, my skin is reacting on me becoming a mama and breastfeeding, and maybe eating a little unhealthy due to my BF cravings, and that’s totally OKAY.

So you, beautiful woman, you’re absolutely perfect beautiful and gorgeous, with or without hair, farting or not farting, pimples or no pimples, period or no period.

You’re you!

Xoxo 💋

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