Are we still homeless?

I often get the question… Are we still homeless?

Simple and short answer is.. No!

Just because I am taking a walk, doesn’t mean that we’re homeless.. We are simply just taking a walk.

We’re not in a shelter, and we’re not getting kicked out at 7 am either.. We’re living in a small studio with a kitchen (kitchenette) until we find a one or two bedroom that we can afford.. Jeremy is starting school in June and therefore it has to be something cheap and convenient, and that is very very hard to find in Los Angeles as it is getting more and more expensive day by day.

I’ll do a vlog in a few days where I’ll show you around and show the prices.. Until then we’re perfectly content in our little studio.. It is much better than a shelter and it has a prime location, it is just too bad that we’re four people that has to live there.


One thought on “Are we still homeless?

  1. Can we maybe see pictures of the inside? I would like to see how you guys made it like home, with a smaller studio and with what you’ve got. 😊


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