Who would have thought? 

So.. A little while ago, I told you guys that we today were gonna go look at an apartment, here in California. 

We went, with not too high expectations, since we’re in a shelter and since we’re on subsidy, and not a lot of managements/landlords will accept that since it’s a little risky.. 

We went to the complex and got the good news that landlord is willing to give us a chance, and work with us, and we picked out a nice roomy 2 bedroom apartment.. That way we have a room for us, and a room for Hope when she eventually has to move into her own little space.. Apartment is nice, light and roomy, and the complex has both pool and Jacuzzi. 

So congratulations to us! After everything we’ve been through we can finally with the help if our sweet case manager say that we’re going to move into our apartment, hopefully at the latest Monday the 15th which is two!!!!! Days before due date.. 
So now, we’re going to focus on getting furniture, and getting everything transferred again, but that’s ok! Most important thing is that we’re now secure. 

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