Subsidized housing

The blog has been a little quite for a few days, and there is a very good reason for that.. 

See, right now we have so much going on.. Not only do we have a lot of “events” on the shelter, we’re also preparing for baby Hope’s arrival, AND on top of that we have a bunch!!!! Of appointments.

You see, we have been so lucky that we actually got accepted for subsidy.. You might wonder, what is that? 

It is basically a little bit the same as section 8, which is help with the rent.. We have three months to find an apartment and sign a lease for a maximum of $1700 for two years.. Out of that we have to pay 40 percent of our income towards the rent, and the program then pays for the rest.. Since we don’t have an actual income before Hope is born, they will pay the full rent and of course the security deposit, and then we star paying them the 40 percent of our income as soon as we get an income.

We are so very greatful for this opportunity as it helps us tremendously and secures us an apartment and a stable place to live.

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