Stomach flu and Alcatraz

Well, i wanted to make this blog post in the weekend after being on alcatraz, but i was down with a horrible stomach flu that’s on return now, so instead i’m making it now.


On Saturday we went to alcatraz which was an amazing experience.. I’ve always wanted to go there, and i finally had the chance due to our shelter getting us tickets for it, yay!


We started out by going to pier 39 and watching the sealions, since we haven’t seen them either after getting here, and i’ll tell you people, they are so cute! Please go there if you go to SF, it is an awesome experience in itself to watch them, especially if you’re an animal lover.

After that we went over and picked up our tickets, and sat down and got something to eat, before going on the boat.


The boat ride itself only takes between 12 and 15 minutes, so it wasn’t the worst, and the boatride is very very beautiful.

Alcatraz island, is a very interesting place, with a lot of history, and a lot of mixed energies.

We decided only to see the cellblock since the walk was too hard for me, and i wouldn’t be able to walk up those hills.. The hills are equal to a 13 story building, just so you know if you decide to go there.. Luckily there’s a TRAM, which is a little train car thingy that takes you up the hill, if you’re either disabled or pregnant, so that was our luck, and the ride itself takes about 5 minutes.


When you go on the tour in the cellblock, you’ll receive a pair of headphones and a case with a tape, and that’s your tourguide.. It is an audiotour, and yes it may sound boring, but the sound effects on the tape, makes it a whole other experience than if it was just a tour guide.. They are very good at explaining and guiding, and it is a very fun experience.


I will definitely recommend the tour, if you as me like history.. The only downside, is that you only see one floor of the cell block, so you don’t see the hospital wing or anything else.



Pregnancy update:

I am now 34+6 days along, and time is moving even more fast now.. Thursday i’m going in for my first round of IV iron, and after that an ultrasound.. On the 18th i have my hematology appointment, and my OB is trying to push my epidural appointment to December instead of January since she doesn’t expect the baby to stay in for too much longer. It is very very interesting to see when she decides to see the world 🙂



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