Couples therapy

Well, let me start out by saying that Jeremy and I, really do not have any major problems in our relationship, and we have a quiet strong bond between one another.


So why have we chosen couples therapy?

Well, first of all when you’re in a situation like we’ve been, being homeless getting into a shelter, etc. there might be things that you need to talk about, in a free secure space where you wont get mad, and where you have a mediator to help and guide and understand.

We have chosen couples therapy, so we can communicate a little better, since that’s our biggest problem.. He reacts in one way, for example by saying not so nice names, and i react by walking away from the argument which is not so good either.

Couples therapy is also good, now that we have a little one on the way, to help and guide with how to react as parents, since we’re two completely different people in that department.. Jeremy is a little bit afraid of his anger, especially after that one incident with his son, and that is something that he really want’s to work on.. Also, i am very soft as a parent, and do value the attachment parenting a little more than him, as he is very strict in his parenting, and therefore we need to find a fine balance, between being too soft and too hard. To support Jeremy extra he has also chosen individual therapy which he is very happy about, and i am very proud of him being able to acknowledge that he needs some guidance.


We had our first session Yesterday, and our therapist is awesome.. We will as we get further into the therapy update more about that.


Tomorrow, we’re going to alcatraz and will make a little post about that.


Have a lovely night.



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