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We have thought about this for a little while now, whether to start a kind of ”couples” blog, or to keep my individual blog, and we’ve decided to go ahead with the couples.

Both of us are going to write on the blog, maybe mainly me since Jeremy is not so used to blogging – he is going to learn though.

Anyways, a little background on us.

I am 22 years old, Danish and known from the young mothers Denmark.

Jeremy is 38 years old, formerly homeless and a recovering addict.

I have a son, named Kyle and Jeremy has three kids ages from 1-11 years old.

Unfortunately he doesn’t see any of the kids, due to private circumstances.

Recently Jeremy’s youngest daughter went to foster care, due to mother lack of ability to take care of her, which was very unfortunate.. They wanted Jeremy to step in, but our situation at the time, was not stable and we did not want to risk her getting even more damaged due to our lack of resources, so he unfortunately had to turn it down.

I myself, have finally started talking to my beautiful son again, and boy it is amazing! To talk to him, and see the light in his eyes, and hearing him telling me that he loves me, is absolutely fantastic.

I was awfully afraid that he had forgotten about me, but he for sure hasn’t and that gives me the fire to fight that much harder now.

To our situation..

We are living in transitional living/shelter living.. They call it shelter, but it is more of a transitional living, as you have your own room and bathroom..

I’ve now heard and seen a lot of people that says ”oh, but you’re still homeless, cause you live in a shitty shelter, with a bunch of other homeless people”.. Well, let me tell you this – it is very rare that you get into a shelter and get your own room and bathroom, and that we are superly grateful for! For a normal Danish person, a room and a bathroom is not much, and might seem ”shitty” but for us it is a lot, and it is definitely a new chance to get back on our feet and get stable.

Let me try and explain how the setting is here.. The place is an old hotel, converted into permanent living for formerly homeless individuals and then up to 20 families.

The families here, are very very sweet and the kids are the best! Kids here, are actually happy, clean and very polite.

We look out for each other here, and the best thing here is that there is absolutely no judgement, cause we all have a similar situation.

The shelter it self has a lot of events that they are sending their families to.

They have holiday events and access to tickets that we most likely would not be able to afford ourselves.. They have sponsors that funds christmas gifts, and christmas parties, and they have some damn good case managers, that is on top of things here and doing everything they can to help their clients.

To the pregnancy..

I am 34 weeks preggo today, and now i can feel the time ticking.

I am sore, and i sleep like crap but god i am excited to meet our little daughter.

She is quite a bit above schedule, so i have another growth ultrasound on the 14th of December, and if she’s still growing rapidly then they are going to induce the labor to give me a chance to give birth vaginally.

Unfortunately they just found out that i have a bleeding disorder that they need to figure out, since they do not know what it is, and on top of that i have iron deficiency so i need to go in once a week for IV iron.

Today is Wednesday  so today there’s food pantry in the kitchen, and another holiday party later… I am deffo going for the food!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog

  1. Jeg er en rigtig geggo hader dels pga hun er intrigant, manipulerende og fræk i sin mund overfor andre og blokere folk hvis hun får den mindste form for kritik og uden TV3 ville den familie være lost.

    Jeg synes det er godt det svar du har givet hende og hun skal nødig kaste med sten når hun selv bor i et glashus når man tænker på hvor kriminel hendes mor er og den barndom hun har haft og gid der var flere som dig som ville sætte hende på plads.

    Du ved hvad der er bedst for dig og din familie og stor cadeau til dig.

    Jeg vælger at være anonym pgs sikkerhedsmæssige årsager. 🙂


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